Profitability boosted by your most valuable asset… your data

We think most companies could better use their data to boost profitability and find growth opportunities.

CollectiveIQ is a proactive data-as-a-service company. We work closely with our clients to analyse and interpret key account and performance data and put it into action to drive growth.

We believe out of the box software has limited value, so you’ll receive hands-on support and insight from the team along the way to build a solution that’s right for your business.

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Mike - Knowledge Services Firm
Increased client communication by 78%
Mike’s company delivers consulting services to global investment managers.
"Since we started using the platform we have won more than 10 projects we wouldn’t have otherwise have been aware of" - Dec 2017
  • No consistent way of managing client communication
  • Lots of prospective clients not added to CRM
  • Mike’s team benefited from a gamified dashboard that pulled in all client contacts into one place.
  • Account managers were auto-prompted to engage with clients
  • 78% increase in client communication
  • Improved relationships with clients
  • 86 new contacts added automatically to CRM
  • New projects resulting in 600% ROI
Anne - Private Equity Fund
Helped origination team source 5 deals in 6 months
Anne’s team finds new deals for the investment team.
"The platform has helped us be more engaged with our target companies" - Jan 2018
  • Managing about 300 prospective target companies across different excel sheets
  • Losing touch with many interesting leads simply because they are not ‘on our radar’
  • Low email response rate
  • CIQ’s Platform imported all target companies and individuals into its gamified dashboard
  • Users got auto prompts to remind them to get in touch with key leads and maintain relationships
  • Emails made more impactful by matching news / key information that CIQ collates
  • Email engagement increased by 74%
  • Email response rate increased by 27%
Brian - Global Law Firm
"Best practice through measurable gamification"
Brian runs Customer Success and is responsible for tracking his firms customer engagement.
"Through CIQ we have metrics and reports that help us see where we stand with customers and what we can do to improve" - Feb 2018
  • Multiple client facing people spread across 3 continents
  • No real visibility or measurements of the firm's relationships
  • CIQ allowed for all teams to use one standardised account management interface
  • Customer success were able to see daily metrics on levels of customer engagement
  • Standardised relationship health reports
How we help

We think most companies should use their data to find growth opportunities and boost profitability.

Save time & increase efficiency
We consolidate your data into one place making it easily accessible and deliver proactive prompts so your team saves time.
Focus on the right opportunities
We analyse and deliver insight on your data to show you best areas for improvement.
Improve & enhance your relationships
We measure your account relationships and help you better understand your business.
How It Works

We work with all your existing data and technologies to make it seamless for you and your teams.

As a starting point, we connect to relationship data you hold in multiple systems and unify it in one place.
Analyse, Interpret & Action
Through our software, we organise and interpret your data with a specific focus on how to action it to drive value.
Growth Intelligence
We drive insight from your data so you can visualize areas of growth opportunity.

Plus hundreds more
Our founders

Will and Sam fundamentally believe that every business has growth potential within their existing business. They proved this at AlphaSights, both in New York and London, where they helped grow one of the UK's most successful businesses. Now they are on a mission to help other businesses leverage their data for exceptional growth.

Will Leeming
Co-Founder & Technical Lead
Sam Glasswell
Co-Founder & Commercial Lead
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