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Know more about your clients than your competition

We regularly hear from corporate buyers that vendors "just don't get it".

CollectiveIQ provides knowledge and data insights around your strategic clients to identify new sales opportunities and win deals.

Whether you have a knowledge need or a data need, we provide rapidly accessible answers to your client questions.

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How we help

We know companies benefit from good client understanding. Whether you are working on a specific deal or developing your client strategy, CIQ can help get you and your team to understand the client mindset and delivery a better proposal.

We do this by delivering Insight Programs over 2-4 weeks, working alongside an executive whose experience gives him/her specific insights into your client.


Get up to speed on what really matters to the client and what is driving their thinking.

  • VC workshop / brainstorming
  • Stakeholder profiling
  • Organisational culture
Building Win-Themes

Build out win-themes and narratives that are going to impress the client.

  • CIQ Framework delivered
  • Win-themes
  • Story boarding
Delivery Execution

Ensure you present your proposal in the most credible and engaging way for the client.

  • Detailed response review
  • Orals preparation
  • Pricing strategy
Our founders

Will and Sam believe client knowledge is critical to success in corporate sales. Combining the worlds of corporate sales and knowledge consulting, they founded CIQ. Their goal is to make client insights available on every strategic deal and account.

Will and Sam worked together for 7 years at AlphaSights. Here they served private equity, hedge funds and the large strategic consultancies. After AlphaSights, Sam went on to Genpact where he spent two years in account management.

Will Leeming
Co-Founder & Operations Lead
Sam Glasswell
Co-Founder & Sales Lead
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