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A team of freelance experts & consultants in 24 hours or less.

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Have a business problem? We will build you a team within hours that can advise you on your decision, big or small. Our experts & consultants are available for short telephone calls through to fully fledged consulting projects.

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Quickly find people who have the experience you need.


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Before we post your challenge to our community, it helps to build in a bit of detail and shape your project. The more we can flesh it out, the better the consultant matches you’ll get.

Getting stuck? You can always schedule a free call with a CIQ client partner to help you think through the project and the budget.

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Within 24 hours, receive profiles matched to your project by our machine learning technology coupled with our great people.

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Choose the expert(s) you want to engage with on your project. Collaborate through the CIQ platform. Get complete transparency on what you pay for them.

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Engage with your team in any way that suits your project's demands. Simple payment processes. Simple collaboration. Full control...

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Example Problems

No matter the problem, we’ve got a solution.

Question: I want to understand the current market size and 5 year growth projections for the US solar panel business
Solution: 5 1-hour calls

Question: We have just won a consulting mandate for a client but need to fill a gap in the team's capabilities around natural language processing
Solution: 3-month project with consultant engaged in multiple client workshops

Question: What businesses could be possible acquisition targets in the German chemicals market?
Solution: 1-month engagement with a former C-Level industry executive

Question: I want my executive team to get more exposure to best practices in coaching and motivating employees outside our industry
Solution: 6-month engagement with 8 independent coaches

Question: How should I go about building a solid recruiting pipeline of graduate candidates?
Solution: 4-month engagement with company founder who acted as an interim consultant

Question: We have a lot of customer data. How can we make better use of it?
Solution: 1-month project with consultant supplemented with 6 1-hour expert calls

Question: What qualities do I need to look for when assessing candidates for a new CTO position?
Solution: 2-month consulting engagement with a former CTO

Question: I need to better understand applications of artificial intelligence in the banking sector
Solution: 4 1-hour calls

Question: We are about to get a large RFP from a client looking to outsource a number of back office accounting functions and need an experienced sales coach with intimate knowledge of the client to help us win the project
Solution: 3-month engagement with on-site meetings with a former company executive

Question: We are looking for a new and innovative way to capture our organisation's knowledge
Solution: 1-month engagement with a consultant

Question: How should we go about building our own in-house CRM for our sales efforts?
Solution: 2-month engagement with a developer consultant

Question: What are the projected costs through damage caused by hurricanes for the next 10 years in the United States?
Solution: 5 1-hour expert calls

Question: How do we go about building capabilities in robotic process automation for our invoice processing operations?
Solution: 1-month engagement with a specialist consultant

Question: Where can we benchmark best-in-class measures for data security?
Solution: 1 month consulting engagement with specialist

Question: I need help with a market sizing exercise for the demand of cardiovascular drugs in Vietnam
Solution: 3 week project with former Tier 1 consultant

Question: I need support designing Executive Pay packages for our 23 most senior managers
Solution: 1 month engagement with former remuneration consultant

Question: How do we implement a robust sales coaching program at our company?
Solution: Workshop program with 2 expert sales coaches

Question: Can you help us knowledge share with finance professionals in other industries to build out our internal procedures?
Solution: Collaboration project with 4 other finance leaders

Question: What is the best platform to use for our new online payments system?
Solution: 1-hour call with expert

Question: What are the best work practices to implement and follow in our product development team?
Solution: 2 month engagement with 2 tech-minded co-founders

Question: Can you help us think through our interview process?
Solution: 1 month engagement with former HR leader

Question: We want to develop a panel of 10 industry leaders to help us strategize around our go-to-market approach. Can you help?
Solution: 10 former industry executives recruited and retained as Advisory Members

Question: Can you help me get a view on the competitive landscape of the semiconductor market?
Solution: 5 1-hour expert calls

Question: What are the applications of blockchain in retail?
Solution: 2 1-hour expert calls

Zero Commitment

We believe our clients should only pay for what they receive. There is no charge for initiating a project, only when you engage with your team. No engagement, no charge.

Problem Agnostic

We believe there is always someone who can help you with your business problem, no matter how big or small, anywhere in the world.

Flexible Working

We believe our clients should be able to work with their team however they wish. Engage with your consultants and experts for any duration in any format.